I have now completed a full year here in Manchester, I moved up here in September 2018 straight after my step brothers 30th back in Suffolk. I look back now thinking, how daughting it was to move somewhere where you don’t know or know anyone that lives there. And to shift my work pattern to working from home with my previous job without even really testing it, looks completely mad to me now. But for some reason the only thing I had in the back of my mind was that, it was new, it was a challenge and that I would open up opportunity for me, which undoubtedly it has. I want to write this post mainly about the things I have discovered in the city, but also about the transition between living in a small town to a bustling city with the aim of helping anyone else wanting to make the jump. Lets start with why I chose Manchester

Why did I choose Manchester?
Many people have asked me why I chose Manchester. I think the best and most honest awsner is that I enjoyed my time up here for a few events in 2018 but also I liked not knowing somewhere. I just saw it as a city that had some incredible industries into the digital sector plus I has Media City right next door in Salford.

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