Guten Morgen Berlin

A short visit to Germany to the city of Berlin.

Just recently I visited Germany for Agritechnica, one of the worlds largest Agricultural shows. This was in Hannover just East of Berlin. After some pretty strong determination to get to Berlin in 2019, I managed to make one of the two airports so I could travel to Hannover. On the way back after the show, I decided to book an Airbnb for a two night stay so I could explore the city.

Berlin, to me, is just one of those cities that I never got to when I was younger. I hear so much about the history and the music scene from people within my circle that I really have been itching to find out what its all about.
I managed to get the train back from Hannover straight to the Berlin HBF, navigating the train network was pretty easy, thanks to Google. I had the address already pumped in. Im on of those people that when you book accommodation, you go straight on Google Street View to look at the surround area, so I had a little bit of an understanding of what to expect. I got off a train stop early, mainly because I wanted to have a walk and get my bearings. As my visit was in November, It was dark already. I noticed all of the posters and graffiti on the walls and around the streets. My Airbnb was in an area called Falckensteinstraß║×e which is toward the central east of the city.

The Uber JUMP scooters

Fortunately, it was pretty good weather and no rain predicted. I was pretty adamant on finding a gym and some good breakfast. My friend Emma has recommended a cafe for me to try, serving a vegetarian breakfast I was up for trying something new. Also, I decided that I didn’t want to explore the city by foot as I had way little time, nor did I want to go on a train or a bus, but I found out that Uber had JUMP scooters to hire, so I worked out how these operated and got on board.

I was to meet my friend Jack for lunch, so I planned a little trip taking me right into the centre.

When I caught up with Jack, he took my on a stroll around passed the Berlin Wall, in fact he gave me some pretty good history of it. We managed to have a beer or two by the river and spoke a lot about the music scene and the best time to come and visit to experience the nightlife.

In the evening I caught up with Emma, for a poshhh old Mexican. I haven seen Emma in years so it was awesome to catch up.
I’m planning to revisit Berlin very soon to experience the nightlife.

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