I just wanted to take a moment to expand on the Covid-19 outbreak and how it has affected me. When it finally hit the UK, I was put straight into working from home mode. I guess we could have expected it, and maybe could have prepared more for it, but taking every day by day has been the correct approach. Work for me has been even more full on, as the digital and online world is more in use than usual.

Outside of my job, I have taken the time to teach myself new skills. Learning how to better use Selenium Webdriver, along with all of the small details of every action and element has been a large focus of my time. To this day, I am now well over half way into the course and it certainly adds a small sense of achievement when you figure something out along the way.

As most people know, I like to also make engaging music mixes for people to listen to while they workout or do any tasks that require a little extra element of motivation. I have even made an isolation special and you can find them on my Mixcloud page here. I managed to organise a community gig via live stream for everybody at Wilburn Basin, this turned out to be a surprising success.

But, what have I learnt mentally right now? I think that many people the country might have the same thoughts as me as to what we prioritise in life. I think for me, I didn’t realise how well I actually manage when most of life’s privileges are taken away from you. Exercise has been a big shift, as I am no longer able to go to the gym and I have taken up running as my cardio. Since our busy lives have slowed down, it has made us think of our deepest desires, who actually matters to us and how we can keep ourselves entertained. When the isolation finally lifts, I want to ensure that I remember back to this period and continue to hit the goals that I create myself during this odd time.

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