Blackpool was heaving

Visited Blackpool yesterday, to take Alex's Nan out for the day. I have been to Blackpool a few times, once with my flat mates and then once during lock down but I have never seen it so busy. Even after lockdown the place was heaving, many people out and about with their families, I guess making the best of the inability of being able to go abroad. You would have to queue to get into almost any of the attractions, including Sealife, Madam Tussauds and the game arcades. To be honest Blackpool isn't normally my favorite place to go but this time it was actually quite good and a really special day taking Alex's Nan out.

Back in Manchester

Terrible news that this week we lost one of my favourite DJs, Eric Morillo. Saw this guy DJ in so many places over the years :(

Got back at the weekend and of course it was the bank holiday. Went to Freight Island for the HomoElectric afternoon on the Monday night. Normally these are quite hectic parties but now COVID friendly.

Can’t wait to start my new role at MuscleFood, there is going to be an amazing team of people and looking forward to meeting them all.


On my bike

I have been looking around for quite sometime for a bike. I really wanted to spend the time finding the right one. I had been advised to find a hybrid, basically a road/track bike. I tried this Roam 4 2021 out in Suffolk and kind of fell in love with it! Can’t wait to go on cycle days and to include it in my commute.


End of my little WFH break in Suffolk

Loved being back in Suffolk for the past week. An opportunity to see different scenery and catch up with different family and friends. I think I have made a good start at getting back to some level of fitness this week. Drank some good coffee and spent some time with Mylo and the pup that I had to look after for a short while. As the Bank Holiday approaches,  it's time to go back to the city. Looking forward to Freight Island on Monday. I'll post some photos!

Finest Coffee at Folk

Just popped up to Folk.Cafe this morning for a coffee and some breakfast. Being the last day of the Eat out to help out government scheme I took advantage of this.

Spending some time with Mylo

As I am back in Suffolk, I am spending some good quality time with Mylo. I took this photo yesterday before this current storm arrived 🐶

I gave him a hand-strip at the weekend. Border terriers need a hand strip instead of a cut as they have duel coats. The outer coat is the coarse and the protective layer and there is the internal layer that gives him warmth. I had strip him every so often to clear the other coat and make him look all tidy


Yes, managed 95 lengths

Started to get my rhythm with front crawl. Early mornings a really helping me and starting weight training again, with 1hr sessions in the evening. 💪🏼


New cardio training

As I am back in Suffolk this week, I defo want to take advantage of being able to swim. Last week I had an open water swimming lesson at Salford Keys. Now I am allowed back in the gym I need to get my fitness up!!

Sunday Thoughts

I feel that the balance between lifting restrictions and the actual infection rate should be detached. I think that as a nation, need to just live with COVID-19. Events need to go on! Yes, wear a face mask!